Friday, January 25, 2013

Post Surgery 1.25.13

I have nothing but praise for my surgeon, the nursing staff, and the follow up support after my surgery last Friday.  (I had a “disc” issue in my neck – and had two vertebrae fused, along with the removal of a laminae).  Kaiser Hospital Redwood City is the Kaiser regional center for all NW regions Kaiser neurosurgery – and they certainly have their ducks in a row.   But, oh my goodness, it feels good to be home again.  My dear sweet wife if taking very good care of me, under the watchful eyes of our three Jack Russell pups who cant quite figure out why I am not am active playful self.  From start to finish my hospital stay was about 40 hours.   Now I am trying to wean myself from codeine, but pain levels have been low throughout the recovery procedure.  I fear that my biggest challenge is going to be keeping a lid on my activities as I start to feel better…  I want to do this recovery thing right and not do anything to jeopardize the healing process.  The progress forward varies from day to day - but I am on the mend.  After teaching anatomy and physiology for years there is part of me that is looking at this whole process as a fascinating science experiment - a case history - and its a bit odd to be on the inside of it!  Part of my response is emotional - I'm not sure how much of that is induced by the many chemicals and drugs to which I have been exposed and how much is my own internal life/world.

Counting down from the top I had Cervical 3 and 4 fused

It is amazing how an incident like this focuses my mind on all that I am thankful for.  Like most folks I get involved in “ideas” and “attitudes” and “opinions” and think that they are the real “me”…  At the moment I feel most aware of being thankful for the healing process, for the return of arm and leg functions that had slipped with my disc issues… Thankful for the support of friends and family that have let me know their concern for me through the process…(I had about equal responses from people who held me in their prayers and those who promised to ‘hold a good thought for me’ – I cherish them both)… Thankful for the medical knowledge and skill on my medical team…and thankful for insurance that made the process affordable within my reach.  

This was one of those times when it has been possible to peek outside my daily routine to see the broader scope of things
 We have been stockpiling TV programs and documentaries for just such a time – I look forward to getting caught up on “Downton Abby” and PBS specials … also I have my Kindle loaded with good books to read.  But wouldn’t you know that my desktop computer choose this exact moment to have a hard drive problem – Judy is taking it in today for a “fix”.  I am writing on my laptop, which is not a bad alternative.  I am certainly wired electronically in ways that would have been unknown a few years ago.

I really miss my daily encounters with interns and student teachers – Both the staff at Loyola Marymount U. and Mills College have both been very understanding and supportive.  I have good colleagues and friends who are covering for me in my absence – but I miss the stimulation of my visits.  I am anxious to return to full activity.