Thursday, July 30, 2015

A sampler of Photos from Bohemia

"Our" street in Prague - home of our exchange "son" Michal

Family home of Michal's sister - in a village outside of Prague

National Park in Northern Bohemia - near to the old Zlatnik home

The Evangelical church of my Zlatnik family

Open faced sandwiches are an art form - with endless delicious variations ...

Many city people have a "cottage" in the country where they spend weekends  

Oh my goodness! the cakes and kolach! - so good
Old classsic country farm houses are being refitted for modern living

Bohemian cherry cake - Yum!
One of many Czech castles - this one from about the 14th century

Unter Wasser Man 

Michal, his kids and dog

Inside of Michal's parents country home

Neighborhood children playing