Saturday, September 18, 2010

Photos of Two Projects

Notes 9/18

Photos and information on one medical and one educational project:

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Adventures come in all sizes and flavors. This morning, walking the dogs after a misty night, the moisture brought out the smells of fall. I feel like I am watching a drama that I have seen before as I see seed pods swell, flocks of geese strengthening their wings as they prepare to fly away, ripe apples and purple figs hanging from the trees… and after the light rain the smells are subtle and wonderful. Willy and Roxy check every detail as we walk, paying special attention to the ground squirrel holes. They take their task very seriously. This morning the smell of wet fennel plants was especially prominent.

I have recovered from my jet lag – but still wake early and go to bed earlier than before the trip. I love the early morning and watching the day unfolds. The dogs and I went out soon after first light. Walking is a social experience – I invariably meet others– so many of us are creatures of habit.

I have made the rounds of all my student teachers and interns - No major concerns… I am always struck by now much courage and determination it takes to take over a class – to come well prepared each day – to think on your feet and make critical adjustments as needed – to balance class management with leading the class into new concepts and ideas – to involve all students and not just the most vocal.

Out of nowhere, while driving on the freeway this week, a small stone came flying into my front windshield knocking a hole and forming a crack (which rapidly spread). It was probably a piece of gravel picked up by a truck tire and hurled through the air. Such a nuisance! My insurance pays part – but I must pay $250… At least the replacement people come to my driveway to install the new window. It has happened to me before – but I know no way to completely avoid it – except not driving on the freeways. I guess it is an advantage to bumper-to-bumper traffic – that is too slow to throw up rocks.