Friday, November 5, 2010

We have had been quite a week in Northern California!

I have to admit that I didn’t watch a single San Francisco Giants game all season long – but I got hooked on the World Series -saw every game! Like one of the news people said, “Baseball is supposed to be boring – but these guys made it interesting!” And to top it off the welcome-home parade was incredible… Baseball players often have their indiocentricities – but some of these guys were totally unique. It was fun to see them come home winners .

For us Northern California Liberal Democrats – well it was a mixed bag. We are thankful that our new governor is Jerry Brown and Gavin Newson will be our lieutenant governor – both good men. Barbara Boxer will be back representing us in Congress… thank goodness! Also its good news that the oil companies didnt get their way ( Proposition 26...rolling back the environmental protection). And Harry Reid in Nevada made it too. I can’t say that I am so happy about the restructuring of the US House of Representatives… but this is what democracy is about… the will of the people. The pendulum swings both ways.

Judy and I spent last weekend in Sea Ranch on the Northern California coast – visiting family. As a rule I like to see pristine natural areas preserved as National or State parks – The development of Sea Ranch was conceived in the early 1960s – fiercely opposed by environmental groups at the time. The reality today is working well… Homes are arranged in small clusters with open spaces separating them. Some have chosen to build homes hidden away in the forest, while others prefer being perched on the brow of the rocky ocean coast. There are strict rules on acceptable designs, height limits, paint colors that can be used, planting around the building must be compatible with native vegetation, and there is a sharing of responsibilities among the residents.

Residents have a strict design review board and have kept alive the vision of a community living in harmony with nature. We regularly saw flocks of wild turkeys, quail, and deer on the grounds. There are beautifully maintained grassy meadows, deep forest glades, and wild breaking waves… Most notable are the wide range of architect-designed homes – causing Sea Ranch to be a sort of museum of innovative architectural styles and features – mostly featuring natural wood, and well lit open living spaces. Some live there full time but many are San Francisco residents who keep this as their quiet retreat.

Eron and Michelle's dog "Murphy"

So we returned to a busy week – for me lots of student teacher visits – I think I’m learning more than anyone!