Thursday, March 28, 2013

12 reasons why I love spring!

1.     The surprise of discovering the first swallows of Spring – wheeling and diving above the river.

2.     Waking in the night to the pure notes of a Mockingbird inventing new tone patterns – I dont even mind being awakened for such a concert! (click on to open)

3.     The overnight surprise of a new patch of California poppies suddenly in full bloom
California poppies

4.     Finding the first buds of springtime forming on my fig tree.
Fig tree bud
5.     Coming on to a field of wild turkeys - with the males on full display of their tail feathers!

native turkeys
6.      Seeing the great delight of my dogs when I announce that  we are going for a walk.
Rusty - Willy - Roxy

7.     The sounds of grebes on the lake having a night time conversation when they think they are all alone. ( Click on to open - then select sound recording)


8.     Each spring flower in turn: first the pussy willows, then snow bells and forget me nots, the daffodils, then Tulips, and Iris, followed by Lilac, and the Peonies...Each in its season, then making way for what comes next.

9.     The first monarch butterfly driffing without effort in the gentle air.
manarch butterfly

10.Ripples of wind traveling through a field of ripe wild oats...(already headed and turning dry)
field of wild oats

11.At twilight the Pacific Tree frogs begin their song – so much sound from such a tiny frog!

Tree frog

12.Planting tomato plants with a mixture of hope and fear...It might still frost... the dogs may lie right in their midst!
Tomato seedling