Friday, October 3, 2014

Change happens!

My world became (temporarily) smaller this week.  One week since my surgery and my instructions are to keep my ankle higher than my heart – that's hard to do unless I lie in bed or on a couch.  Pain has not been a big issue, and my biggest problem is boredom.  My wife Judy is an angel; anticipating my needs and doing her best to make sure I don't do something stupid to sabotage my healing ankle.  
Diagram of my Peroneal tendons; one damaged, now fused together 
          I prefer the couch where I can see the garden, birds, sunlight, wind, and butterflies on the bodea bushes.  Our three Jack Russell dogs are very solicitous – they do their best to entertain me with their shenanigans.  I have a kneeling scooter that is awesome – way cooler than crutches – on that I can glide effortlessly down the hall and reach any part of the house in seconds… it has come close to dumping me a couple of times – so I am doing my best to be cautious when I use it. My biggest challenge is the stepdown between the level of the kitchen and the family room – 2 steps down.  I have tried different methods and don't feel totally secure with any of them –

Butterfly bush (Bodea) with Monarch
I have grown incredibly sensitive to the issue of ‘handicap accessibility’.   Two steps can feel like an insurmountable wall. I am hopeful that in one more week, when I see my surgeon again, I will graduate to a hard shell cast….but even then I don't think it will be weight bearing.  So for now – I am thankful for electronics – for my computer, for e- readers, for TV.

Jack Russel dogs vary greatly in coloration and personality - known as 'high energy' dogs
I finished the 1000 page history of Peter the Great (that I have been working on for about 3 weeks) and am now reading an outstanding book of historic fiction - about the period in American history between 1958 to 2000… Its book 3 of the Century Trilogy: ‘Edge of Eternity’… It's a bit bizarre to read a book based on the history of my lifetime – It focuses on 4 families, one each in Russia – Germany – England – and the US  during these tumultuous years.

Our 'Lesser Goldfinches" in my hardwear store I bought a sack like this filled with their favorite seed

Today’s mail included an 85+ page State voters guide for the up coming election.  It is a lesson in the blessings and hazards of a free election…My current book, ‘Edge of Eternity’, includes a vivid description of life under the dictatorial one party rule in Communist Russia – where the whim of one man could lead to life or death, and the country stagnated in a doctrinaire malaise.  In the California voter book each candidate has space to freely describe why he or shewould be the best to lead the state…
This is it - the day of decision
Carefully selected words are written by the election staff of each candidate to present them in the best light to win over the undecided.  Even more interesting are the propositions – I fear that lobby groups and special interest groups have hired skilled staff to describe their plan, to win support for their issue, or present the best list of arguments pro or con to support their concept; and gather the most compelling list of supporters.  
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My concern is that many California citizens do not have time or inclination to digest this massive amount of data – they will fall back on “how their friend is voting” or “which TV ads are most appealing” or “I got this pamphlet in the mail listing my parties choices” or will “fall for a catch phrase in the language of the pamphlet” – without understanding the full nuance of the issues they are voting on.  The entire process has become ‘slick’ with each side setting the ‘spin’ on their cause… it is a challenge to know the truth. 
Free Tacos - just for voting!?  what  A DEAL

Enter the heroine…! I find that the clearest voice in the midst of all the potential for confusion is the good old “League of Women Voters”  - they offer a non partisan simplified description of issues and candidates here:  They provide  a much needed breath of fresh air!  Some years ago when they opened their ranks to men  – I joined – and am now a card carrying member!

Thoughtful decisions

So for another week I lounge away - watching goldfinches at the feeder out the back window, Rusty (one of the pups) comes over demanding pets, Judy brings me a snack… I get cool emails from friends and family…  I am getting computer work caught up ...I have a lot to be thankful for…and all the while I am growing new cells like crazy in my ankle!

(note: This week the photos are all downloaded from the internet, rather than my own files,  due to my lack of mobility)