Saturday, December 5, 2015

The changing of the season...

Dear Friends of Spectrum - it is the end of semester for my interns - and a time for me to write reports and check to see that all is complete... so this week only photos of fall coming  upon us...

The first rains have returned fields of green 

leaves of red

...and golden

Milk weed pods opening - seeds blowing away

The sun sets earlier and further south in the sky

Leaves blown away - only buckeye seeds remain

Leaf sap has been sucked into the roots for winter nourishment - the leaves are only empty vessels now...

My friend the gopher has returned to dig random holes in my graden

Yeah!  Fava beans have sprouted and are growing

Persimmon leaves  have fallen

...and the fruit remains - its tricky - pick them too soon and they dont ripped properly, wait too long and they become soft and mushy

There are even a few tomatoes still to harvest... ( Ace tomatoes )